About us

We have been engaged in professional refurbishing and renovation of computer technology since 2003. Under the Techsavers brand, we give new life to premium laptops, computers, or other computing equipment. These are the highest-class models of the HP, Lenovo, Dell and Fujitsu-Siemens brands. Thanks to our work, we have already released more than 138,000 laptops, 132,000 computers and satisfied more than 130,000 customers. We confirm our leading position on the market with the high-quality standard of our products and services. We have defined this standard as part of the TSQ 7 out of 7 quality guaranties. We currently also operate in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Croatia.

Where and how does the renovation take place?

The multi-stage renovation process takes place in our renovation center in Banská Bystrica Refurbishment means that the product is in 100% working condition. However, we will precisely clean, test and restore every single piece so that it is also at the visually highest possible level. Thanks to the most modern technological equipment, we are among the leaders in the renovation of computer technology throughout Central Europe.