Who are we?

We renovate the highest model lines of the HP, Lenovo, Dell and Fujitsu-Siemens brands. Renovated technology is a rational and ecological decision when buying a laptop, PC or other computer technology with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. It is also the answer to the global problem of electrical waste. Its advantage, compared to new notebooks made of cheap components, is their longer service life.

We confirm our market leadership with a high standard of quality products and services. The products we offer are in 100% condition, ready for immediate full use. We are specialists in renovation. We precisely clean, test and restore each piece so that it is at the highest possible level in terms of functionality and visuals.

If during the renovation process we find a product in need of repair, we replace non-functional components with new ones. However, these repaired goods are a maximum of 5% of our products.

We transparently indicate the status of each product using classes PREMIUM, STANDARD, ECONOMY and LIQUIDATION.

What does the renovation process include?

We usually buy refurbished products from large foreign corporations. We focus on premium models of laptops and computers that have been used for up to two to three years. They are still fully functional, retain value and, thanks to renovation, do not have to end up in landfills unnecessarily.

After complete mechanical cleaning, we replace the necessary components, usually topcover or palmrest. And as the thorough renovation process guarantees a 100% technical condition of the individual components, we subject them to an in-depth stress test. These will help to reveal the actual condition and capacity of the battery.

We pay special attention to keyboard printing. At the same time, it helps to remove any signs of previous use from the localized keyboard. Part of the renovation process is the thorough polishing of machines. Thanks to it, you will get a premium piece of renovated equipment, almost indistinguishable from the new one.

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