Our renovation process: 11 steps to perfection

We at Techsavers, since the beginning of our existence, which is more than 20 years, have made no secret of the fact that we wanted to work with the best products and technologies.

Over time, we tried to improve everything even more, so in May of this year we presented the first renovation center not only in Slovakia, but also in Central Europe.

But what happens in such a renovation center?

Everything that has been happening behind closed doors has finally seen the light of day. We would like to show you the most transparent renovation process that anyone has ever shown. In 11 steps you can see everything that happens with our and your products from A to Z.

From stocking, through prophylaxis, painting, cleaning to printing a new localized keyboard and packaging. If you've been hesitant to trust renovated computing, we believe we've convinced you now.

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