TSQ 7/7 quality guaranty

We care that you can trust the second-hand computing technology and carry on its story. That is why we have defined the highest standard of refurbished computing technology. Thanks to our TSQ 7 out of 7 quality guaranties, you can be sure that the product is in 100% working condition and that you can really depend on it.

100% functional and cleaned up products

Our products are not any failures. They are in 100% working condition with no crumbs on the keyboard. Each part is thoroughly cleaned and ready for further usage. 

Minimum 2-year warranty

Not half a year, not even a year. We automatically give you a 2-year warranty on each of our products. However, if you are interested, you can extend it up to 5 years.

BatteryCARE battery life guaranty

Thanks to in-depth load tests, we will honestly check the condition of the battery. If its capacity is insufficient (below 60%), we immediately replace it with a new one. In addition, we offer a 2-year warranty for electronics and a 1-year warranty to maintain the battery capacity above 33% of its original capacity.

Newly-printed localized keyboard

No stickers or foreign keyboard. Each laptop has a newly printed keyboard from us and localization for the country it is intended for. Our laser technology can handle it easily.

A multi-stage renovation process

We do not refurbish, but renovate. This means that we get 100% functional products in the best possible visual condition. We clean parts and coolers from accumulated dust (prophylaxis), replace components with new ones if necessary and do a lot of testing. The whole process has several important steps to make our products tip-top.

Specialized sales locations

We have the largest network of partner stores on the market. We have more than 90 partners who are willing to help and advise you in the area of renovation of the computing technology. You can also view, pick up, or file a complaint here.

Transparent condition of products

We are not playing games; we are not hiding anything. Thanks to our transparent categories, you will always know which product you will receive from us. Acceptable, very good or like new? The choice is yours. Every single product is professionally refurbished and ready for immediate use.