The first renovation center

We present you with the first computer technology renovation center. A place where miracles literally happen. A place where we breathe new life into second-hand laptops and computers. Every single piece gets our a TSQ 7/7 quality certificate. Thanks to it, you can be sure that you will receive a first-class product with superior services. 

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Where and how does the renovation take place?

The multi-stage renovation process takes place in our renovation center in Banská Bystrica Refurbishment means that the product is in 100% working condition. However, we will precisely clean, test and restore every single piece so that it is also at the visually highest possible level. Thanks to the most modern technological equipment, we are among the leaders in the renovation of computer technology throughout Central Europe.

TSQ 7/7 quality guaranty

We care that you can trust the second-hand computing technology and carry on its story. That is why we have defined the highest standard of refurbished computing technology. Thanks to our TSQ 7 out of 7 quality guaranties, you can be sure that the product is in 100% working condition and that you can really depend on it.

100% functional and cleaned up products

Minimum 2-year warranty

BatteryCARE battery life guaranty

Newly-printed localized keyboard

A multi-stage renovation process

Specialized sales locations

Transparent condition of products